1911 British Columbia Census

Last Name Head of Household Resident Age POB Comments
Kootenay Sub-Districts 1-61
Hollingsworth Stephen   34 born England  
    Florance A. 36 born England  
  (son of Charles S of Thomas)
New Westminster Sub-Districts 21-47
Hollingsworth Alfred   28 born England  
Hollingsworth Effie   28 born United States  
Vancouver Sub Districts 51-78
Rice Frank D   30 born Ontario  
    Claude D. 28 born Ontario  
    Evelyn D. 2 born British Columbia  
Hollingsworth   Rose 24 born Ontario Sister-in-law
  (Clara and Rosalie, daughters of William S. of William)
Yale and Cariboo Sub-Districts 1-54
Hollingsworth William   60 born USA  
    Lula 31 born USA  
    Maud 13 born British Columbia  
    Mary 11 born British Columbia  
    George 9 born British Columbia  
    Ray 8 born British Columbia  
    Earnest 4 born British Columbia  
  (son of Hiram)
Yale and Cariboo Sub-Districts 55-65
Hollingsworth Sarah   31 born England